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Activities in the Snoezelen multisensory room

Interactive multisensory room uses elements such as lighting, atmosphere, sound and touch to stimulate the person’s learning skills. Very often, in fact, those who are affected by intellectual or communication difficulties find themselves having to deal with an isolation and a further detachment from reality, due to an incorrect learning method, which leads to worsening the symptoms of alienation and it does not help to develop cognitive faculties.
Through the interactive multisensory room it is possible to create a protected environment within which to favor a contact with the outside world that does not pass through what are standard methods, but is based on more intuitive elements, such as the senses, to encourage more communication. deep. In this sense, the interactive multisensory room promotes a more inclusive relationship and allows everyone to feel able to learn in total freedom in a safe environment.
Inside this room, the person’s emotions can be managed without fear, which can then be more easily controlled even from outside.


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