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Pagina what do we do Speech therapy and SLD treatment service

Speech therapy and SLD treatment service

They are activities that deal with the prevention, assessment and rehabilitation of pathologies and disorders of the voice, communication, written and oral language, swallowing and cognitive deficits that can affect the sphere of communication and school skills (for example, attention or memory deficits), in developmental and adult age.
Our speech therapists are also trained in the Feuerstein method and the ABA method and mainly deal with the treatment of various specific disorders:

  • Primary Language Disorders (label replacing Specific Language Disorders);
  • Specific Learning Disorders (SLD);
  • Communication disorders secondary to cognitive retardation and / or syndromic pictures;
  • Disorders of verbal fluency;
  • Atypical swallowing disorders, velo-pharyngeal insufficiency, muscle hypotonia;
  • Disorders of tubal dysfunction;
  • Childhood dysphonia;
  • Verbal dyspraxia;
  • Generalized Developmental Disorders (DGS);
  • Central disorders of the motor skills of the phono-articulatory district (dysarthria).


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