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Neuropsychology service

The child neuropsychologist carries out activities aimed at the behavior and mental processes of the child, based on the knowledge of development patterns and on the peculiarities of the functioning of the nervous system in childhood.
The neuropsychologist works with children from 3 to 12 years old (at this age, brain functions are better corrected), in which the following ailments occur:
• problems with the assimilation of the school curriculum and the implementation of educational tasks (manual imprecision, frequent mistakes, lagging behind peers);
• the instability of the emotional state (strong mood swings, susceptibility, vulnerability);
• lack of motivation to learn;
• delay in speech development or language disorders;
• disorder, lack of autonomy;
• uncertainty in movements;
• slowness and fatigue;
• restlessness, too intense motor activity;
• difficulty concentrating, easy distraction, inability to focus on something.
The task of the child neuropsychologist is to carry out a complete diagnosis (using specially designed exercises and tests), identify disorders and anomalies, develop treatments and corrective activities


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