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Pagina what do we do Child Neuropsychiatry and Psychotherapy Services

Child Neuropsychiatry and Psychotherapy Services

First visit: the first interview with the neuropsychiatrist is aimed at understanding the nature of the child’s difficulties, problems and discomforts. The neuropsychiatrist collects useful information and establishes, together with the parents, an assessment, diagnosis and therapy process tailored to the child.
After the diagnosis, the neuropsychiatrist will provide parents with a planning proposal for any habilitation and rehabilitation interventions and will schedule sessions with the other team professionals, such as speech therapists and neuropsychomotricists for a multidisciplinary assessment.
• Neuropsychological and cognitive assessment carried out with structured tests:
Evaluation of basic school learning,
Assessment of language skills,
Assessment of psychomotor development,
Evaluation of praxic skills
• Psychodiagnostic evaluation with structured tests
• Drafting of Functional Diagnosis (DF),
• Drafting of the Operating Profile (PdF),
• Drafting of the Individual Rehabilitation Therapeutic Plan (PTRI)
• Subsequent control visits
• Certifications for INPS and School
• Psychotherapy / individual psychological support
• Parent / child psychotherapy
• Parent counseling
• Interview with teachers in the clinic or at school
• Clinical report / School reporting
• Training and supervision service for professionals and work groups


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