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Tutti i servizi
Pagina what do we do Servizio di riabilitazione diurna (ambulatoriale e ciclo diurno continuo)

Servizio di riabilitazione diurna (ambulatoriale e ciclo diurno continuo)

Every day at the “Lo Scrigno Magico” Rehabilitation Institute, activities are developed to promote the quality of life through the functional and social recovery of people with physical, mental, sensory or mixed disabilities, dependent on various causes. These activities are delivered, coordinated and supervised by a multidisciplinary team and provide for each user their own Individualized Rehabilitation Plan, in which various necessary interventions can be prescribed: rehabilitation, kinesitherapy, neuromotor and functional therapy, psychomotor skills, speech therapy, cognitive enhancement, activities expressive, music therapy and entertainment activities, motor activities in the therapeutic pool, family support activities, equestrian rehabilitation, which also make use of innovative and technologically advanced equipment.

The therapeutic-enabling-rehabilitation services provided are:

  • Specialist visits: Child Neuropsychiatrist, Physiatrist;
  • Neuromotor and physiotherapy treatment;
  • Speech therapy treatment;
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation;
  • Rehabilitation for the acquisition of cognitive and problem solving strategies in the various areas of learning;
  • Independence;
  • Psycho-pedagogical intervention;
  • Diagnostic-therapeutic-evaluation consultancy (school, family, rehabilitation team);
  • Visits and consultancy for school support with certifications;
  • Psychological Support (individual, couple, family counseling, self-help groups, psychotherapy).

The patient, along the diagnostic-therapeutic path, can be subjected to the following evaluations:

  • Evaluation of oculomotor skills;
  • Visual – functional evaluation (near, contrast sensitivity, color sensitivity);
  • Child Neuropsychiatry Evaluation;
  • Cognitive evaluation (perception, attention, memory, visuo-motor coordination, language, intellectual functioning, problem
  • Evaluation of praxis;
  • Assessment of global motor skills;
  • Evaluation of graph-motor skills (topological organization of space, visual-motor coordination, recognition
    of relationships in space, graphic tests of perceptual organization, rapid glance tests);
  • Psychological assessment;
  • Evaluation of personal and social autonomy;
  • Assessment of compliance and family burden.

The recipients of the intervention:

The rehabilitation intervention is aimed more at people suffering from:

  • Mental delay;
  • Motor disabilities of neurological and orthopedic origin;
  • Muscular and neuromuscular dystrophies;
  • Genetic, dysmetabolic and chromosomal syndromes;
  • Primary and secondary brain damage;
  • Epileptic diseases;
  • Cognitive, emotional and behavioral disorders;
  • Neuropsychological disorders;
  • Sensory and sensorineural disorders;
  • Learning disorders;
  • Communication disturbances;
  • Speech disturbances;
  • Disorders of social interaction.

The purposes of the rehabilitation interventions provided are:

  • Recovery of sense-perceptual and perceptual-motor development;
  • Visuospatial, visuomotor skills and visual discrimination;
  • Body schema and psychomotor skills in communication;
  • Attention, memory, cognitive and metacognitive skills;
  • Eye-manual coordination;
  • Visuospatial memory and space-time orientation;
  • Fine dexterity (praxie);
  • Graphomotor skills (pre-graphism) and learning prerequisites;
  • Ability to read, write and calculate;
  • Independence.

The professional figures present:

Rehabilitation treatment is ensured by a multidisciplinary team composed of:

  • Medical specialists: Child Neuropsychiatrist; Physiatrist;
  • Disability Manager Doctor;
  • Psychologists;
  • Psychotherapists;
  • Neuropsychologists;
  • Physiotherapists;
  • Speech therapists;
  • Neuro psychomotricians;
  • ABA therapists;
  • Music therapist;
  • Art therapist;
  • Educators.

Supportive treatments:

(temporarily suspended)

  • Idrochinesiterapia – piscina Santa Maria
  • Hippotherapy – riding school of the ASIL, Cilavegna


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