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Autism diagnosis and treatment service

Autism Functional Nucleus (NFA)

The multidisciplinary team is made up of operators with specific training and skills in the field of early diagnosis and intervention in autism spectrum disorders:
Child Neuropsychiatrist
TNPEE therapists
Speech therapists
Professional educators

Provision of appropriate psychodiagnostic materials:

ADOS-2, ADI-R, Griffiths III, Leiter 3, PEP-3, Vineland -II, APCM-2, PVB, augmentative communication materials, video recording.

The organization of the access fast track for situations at risk and the appropriateness and timeliness of diagnostic paths and the organization of therapeutic-rehabilitation paths is ensured.
The functional referent of the ASD diagnostic path of the Autism Functional Nucleus has been identified.
For an in-depth etiological study, the third level structures (IRCCS Mondino, Maugeri, Besta etc.) are used.


Definition of the reference diagnostic path for ASD for each Autism Functional Nucleus and inclusion in the company Quality System, with a description within it:
• the procedures and criteria for carrying out the first fast track visit
• organizational methods to optimize the diagnostic process
• the contents of the basic diagnostic path (which must include at least the evaluation of core symptoms, behavioral, cognitive, adaptive and linguistic-communicative evaluation)
• the modalities and contents of the accompanying path for parents after diagnosis
• the methods for carrying out third-level assessments or for sending them to third-level centers

first diagnostic path:

First visit within 15 days of sending, in 75% of cases (numerator n first visits within 15 days / denominator n submissions from screening) starting from 6 months after the start of the screening, detection from the screening platform, which requires confirmation of visit booking.
Completion of the diagnostic path within 60 days (Median time between first visit and completion of the diagnostic path must be equal to or less than 60 days –
path of etiological study
• Identification by each NFA of the reference structures of the NHS with which to coordinate and which can quickly guarantee third-level in-depth functions (i.e. able to guarantee all the necessary checks that it was not possible to carry out at the sending service according to the updates in progress and the indications of the specialists)
• Insertion in Win4ASD of the contacts of the identified structures and activation of methods to facilitate direct connection by the Autism Functional Units (possibility of direct request and booking of in-depth studies; one-to-one exchange of information, possibility of involvement and connection with the PLS)
• implementation of the modalities for sharing the results of third-level assessments and systematic clinical follow-up by the NFA with active sharing of specific clinical data
(Start of the etiological study within 60 days of the request on Win4ASD in 75% of cases)

accompaniment, support and reorientation of caregivers at the time of communication of the diagnosis by the service that made it


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